Police Report Fewer Criminal Cases this Festive Season


A the year comes to a close, the National police Service has given an update of the rate of crime over 2018’s festive season.

Although it is still on, matters of security are usually of great concern since a number of thugs are known to take advantage of this period.

During this festive season, some are known for taking advantage of the fact that people travel to their rural homes.

Thieves are also said to be on the look out and are mostly reported to break into other people’s houses.

According to the recent reports by Inspector General Joseph Boinnet, he confirmed that this year’s festivities have been been marked by fewer incidences of general crime as well as accidents on our highways.

He however called upon Kenyans to be cautious even as they plan on ushering the new year which is also known for celebrations.

The National Police Service is set to enhance their coverage at all houses of worship as well as other venues expected to host the public in welcoming the new year 2019.

The Inspector General called  on organisers of such functions to cooperate with the Police in providing safety and security to their patrons.

Boinnet also added that they will deploy officers to man public roads to enforce traffic laws and other regulations.

“We also wish to advice Motorists to be courteous to other road users and always ensure that their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition. Equally, Boda boda operators must also stick to the law and wear protective gear at all times. Pedestrians walking on public roads should also be cautious and cross only when its clear and safe to do so.” he concluded.

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