MP accused of hiring goons to attack MCA

Siaya MCA Winnie Otieno has accused Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi of hiring goons who traced her down to a hotel and attacked her.

Police have since launched investigations to establish the truth of the matter following claims by the nominated Siaya MCA that the hired goons who targeted her on the Friday night attack were sent by the legislature.

County Police Commander Ambrose Mwawaka on Saturday said they launched a probe after the member of county assembly filed a report at Siaya Police Station.Image result for goons attack kenya

Ms Otieno said armed people accosted her as she left Manicaland Hotel in Malanga, Alego, where she attended the annual Kuon Festival hosted by the Siaya Political Forum.

“There were four of us in the car when youths emerged from a nearby thicket and stoned our vehicle. We were lucky that they got scared by another car’s departure from the hotel. They disappeared into the thicket,” she said.

Mr Mwawaka confirmed that the MCA recorded the statement vide OB: 4/29/12/2018.

“The OCS is on the matter …we shall get to its root cause. It is not the first incident we have heard about the MP,” he said.

“Sometime back we launched a crackdown on the youth so they disappeared. We are following leads that some of them may be from Ruaraka in Nairobi and that they are hired to cause chaos here.”Image result for Samuel Atandi

Mr Atandi denied the claims when he was reached for comment on Saturday.

“Don’t be a busybody. Go ask police. Do not ask me about issues that do not concern me. Ask the investigators,” he said.

Ms Otieno, however, claimed that the MP has been has had problems since she switched camp after the August 2017 general election.Image result for goons gif

ODM youth official Charles Onguko claimed Mr Atandi has been displeased with Ms Otieno’s support for Martin Otieno aka Mijesh, who is seeking to unseat him in 2022.

“Mijesh seems to be giving him sleepless nights. That is why he is furious,” Mr Onguko said.

Ms Otieno was vocal in the run-up to the August 8, 2017 elections in Siaya.

Her stage crafts earned her the nomination slot under the Orange Democratic Movement.

Siaya Speaker George Okode said, “I urge police to expeditiously handle the matter and ensure the perpetrators are brought to book. Nobody is above the law.

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