President Kenyatta Calls On Youths to Work Hard and Help Fight Corruption

Just a few days after getting in the bad books of the Kenyan Youths for appointing 91-year Old Moody Awori to the Sports Fund Board, President Kenyatta seem to be a man on a mission to win back the love of the Youths.

The President has today challenged the Kenyan Youths to keep the flame of Kenya’s Freedom fighters burning. He has called on the youths to embrace the wisdom of the national anthem and take the path of becoming patriots who work hard in unity to grow Kenya’s leadership in every field of human endeavor.

The President has promised to continue working with the youths while also urging them not to allow themselves to be swayed into getting wealth illegally or engaging in corruption.

“My challenge to our youth is to keep the flame of our freedom fighters burning, keep Kenyans united & bring Africa together. You have in you the spirit of the great men & women who fought to bring to life an independent Kenya. Always remember them and do not betray their cause,” said the President.

President Kenyatta’s love for the youth has even been recognized internationally with the head of state being unanimously endorsed as the global Champion of the Young People’s Agenda by the United Nations.

What more initiatives should the Kenyan Government undertake to help the Kenyan Youths realize their full potential?

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