Nothing to celebrate! Here are 10 Reasons why Kenya should be colonized for 55 more years

The economy is down, businesses are closing down and the government is over borrowing.  There is nothing to smile about on this Jamhuri Day. Fortunately we have everything to rant about.

Maybe we deserve to be colonized for another 55 years to help us rediscover who we really are and what we stand for. There are compelling reasons why we need our masters back to keep an eye on our leaders.


This had to be number one. The culture of corruption has grown roots in Kenyan society at large and become endemic. Institutions, which were designed for the regulation of the relationships between citizens and the State, are being used instead for the personal enrichment of public officials.


The government is over borrowing loans to build projects like the SGR which have no meaningful impact on the life of Wanjiku. SGR has already been riddled with scandals ranging from racism to corruption. Most of the money borrowed ends up in the pockets of few greedy politicians.

Nepotism and Tribalism

After his appointment as an African Union envoy, Raila Odinga went ahead and appointed his daughter as his personal assistant. During the multi-billion Afya House Scandal, it was revealed that Uhuru Kenyatta sister had register a company as a disabled person and made millions from the scam.

Appointment of Wazees to Senior govt Positions

President recently defended his decision to appoint 91 year old Moody Awori saying it was because the youth are stealing. Awori was not the first old person to get a job. But even the youth who get jobs are not there on merit but kujuana.

Maybe our country deserves to be colonized again

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