Fruits of Matatu crackdown: Over 200 drivers suspended by NTSA

Kenyans can now see the fruits of the Michuki rules as the roads have become more safer and drivers more cautious about the requirements.

A better Kenya, better roads  and  even easier for the National Transport and Safety Authority to root out rogue and unlicensed drivers.

In a recent crackdown, over 200 drivers have been suspended. These Drivers, charged with various offences relating to violation of traffic rules and regulations will be required to undergo Refresher Training and re-testing before being allowed to drive again.

NTSA linked the crackdown to the road traffic crashes that tend to increase during the festive season, majority occurring mostly at hazardous zones or blackspots.

“Majority of these crashes are attributable to human behavior. Drivers have a great responsibility in preventing road traffic crashes by observing basic traffic rules.” reads statement in part

To address rising road traffic crashes in the country, the government launched enhanced enforcement in November 2018.

NTSA has promised that they shall intensify efforts to wipe out all Drivers failing to observe traffic laws by revoking their licenses.

The Michuki rules during the reinstatement faced objection with some drivers taking part in a strike.

The government’s efforts to  maintain safe roads  beat the argument to see what must work for the greater good and today Kenyans recognize these efforts.

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