Shocking! 12 year old kills self

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It’s completely bewildering to fathom how and why a 12-year old would want to take away his/her life. As we continue to disregard mental health and choose to look at suicide as a societal taboo, we will continue to lose pre-teens because of our ignorance.

Mawe Village in Rongai, Nakuru County has been left in utter shock after a 12-year old girl identified as Faith Gesare committed suicide. Faith who is a class six pupil, allegedly took her own life on Friday when she consumed poison.


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Her father Harun Ongacho said that his daughter was rushed to a hospital in Rongai but unfortunately died while receiving first aid treatment. They later discovered that she had consumed a lethal substance.

According to the deceased’s father, his son, observed that his sister, Faith was behaving in a weird manner when they had gone to a nearby stream to fetch water.


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Faith’s brother who witnessed his sister swallow the poison reported the incident to their father.

“I was informed by one of my sons who witnessed her collapse after the poison took toll of her. I rushed to the scene where I found her on the ground writhing in pain. Efforts to resuscitate her using milk bore no fruit,” said Mr. Ongacho.

The brother to the deceased said that his last born sister could not speak after taking the poison.

Rongai Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Japhet Kioko confirmed the death saying that police have launched investigations into the matter to establish the circumstances that led to the incident.


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The body of the girl was taken to the Nakuru county mortuary.

What do you think is the main reason as to why more and more children in Kenya are committing suicide?

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