Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar; Uhuru warns tax evaders

Are you one of those Kenyans who earn a lot of money but pay very little tax? The President and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) are coming for you.

Speaking at the Kenya Revenue Authority’s 2018 taxpayer’s day, President Uhuru Kenyatta has today put the spotlight on high net worth individuals who have been evading tax. The President directed KRA to employ technology that will fish out those not paying their dues to the State.

“High net worth individuals whose lifestyles are not reflective of the taxes they pay must be compelled to demonstrate the source of their wealth and to contribute their share of taxes accordingly. Towards this end, the use of technology is a necessity…KRA must incorporate cutting edge technology,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The President further ordered the the country’s revenue authority to link its iTax system to the proposed National Integrated Identity Management System that will collect citizen bio-metric data like ear, eye and voice patterns along with satellite details of their homes.

According to the proposed amendments to the Registration of Persons Act of 2015 under the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2018, the Interior ministry will require Kenyans to provide their personal data in order to centrally manage identification documents. The government is expected to conduct a mass registration of people so as to capture such bio-metric data.

The President also added that traders operating fake electronic tax registers and pocketing the VAT should be brought to book. Criminal cartels smuggling in imported taxable goods through the Kenyan ports were also put on the spot with the President saying that they ought to be easily detected and contained.

“The law must reflect the seriousness of tax collection and the consequences of default. There should be no space for tax evaders in Kenya,”said President Kenyatta.

KRA today celebrated Tax Payers Day and recognized all the taxpayers for their contribution to the government’s revenue collection

“Today, #TaxpayersDay2018 we would like to recognize all taxpayers. KRA has over the years dedicated one month to taxpayers by carrying out activities geared towards honoring & appreciating all taxpayers for their invaluable contribution to government’s revenue collection effort,” said KRA through their official Twitter account.

The Tax Payer’s day happens annually in the KRA’s calendar and aims to appreciate & award compliant taxpayers for their contribution to national revenue as well as provide a platform for taxpayers and stakeholders to share feedback on tax policies & processes.

President Kenyatta also revisited the matter of lifestyle audits for KRA staff saying it would help weed out rogue employees who use their positions to engage in extortion or promote tax evasion. The President had ordered a similar audit in 2015.

Do you think KRA can be a corruption free zone and help stop tax evasion in the country?


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