Moral watchman’s double speak? Mutua in trouble


Kenyans have been angered by the recent move of Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua to speak in defense of the Kiuna’s for hosting the CNN news anchor Quest’s at Jubilee Christian Church yesterday.

The uproar came about after Kenyans argued that Ezekiel Mutua is a double standard man.

Mutua, months ago spoke harshly against the practice of homosexuality after he faced criticism over the ban of the Rafiki Film.

“It would be a tragedy and a shame to have homosexual films defining the Kenyan culture. That’s not who we are and homosexuality is not our way of life.”reads one of his tweet. Mutua had declared his stand publicly saying that homosexuality is not our way of life.

After his long post on Facebook yesterday Kenyans were shocked thinking that his account had been hacked; others even went ahead to ask him to delete the post since they felt that it was a slight contradiction and creates confusion on his stand over the gay debate.

Although Mutua did not side with the homosexual practice, Kenyans still think that it was unfair for him to strongly defend Quest’s visit yet her openly spoke ill against the support of homosexuality during the time of the Rafiki ban.

Gay critics yesterday questioned the church’s stand on homosexuality wondering how the Kiuna’s could allow  Quest to stand in a sanctified place in her church.
Speaking in the Kiuna’s defence, Mutua said that Quest’s visit to church was not to spread the gayism ideology but to carry out his role to gather a newsworthy story from the Kiunas who have been of positive impact to the country.
“Quest may be gay, but he is a top notch journalist who can sense newsworthy stories with unique angles. The Kenya Film Classification Board cleared him and provided gratis licenses for his entire crew because we trusted in his professional ability to highlight the real stories about Kenya and her people.

His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his work. Let him be. Let the Kiunas be. Quest was not in church to sell gay ideology. He was there to cover a story of resilience and hope. He chose to highlight variant topics of hope and determination and that is a good thing.” reads post in part

His statement however did not settle well with some Kenyans have a look at the reactions


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