My black rose post had nothing to do with my relationship with Baba Liam,Lilian Muli reveals

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After speculations that Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli had broken up with her baby daddy months after giving birth to  their new born baby Liam, the TV anchor has finally come out clearing the airwaves regarding her relationship with the love of her life.

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In an instagram post Lilian said, “Love is a Beautiful Thing. I will never understand why people are always quick to jump to nasty conclusions and write mean stuff…my Black Rose post had nothing to do with my relationship with Baba Liam so stop with the weird stories I will also not explain what it signified but yes it was the end of a certain season in my life. For those of you who thrive on hearing Bad News or drama about others, sorry; the only News you will hear from The Lillianville will be Good News. Learn to wish people well; it costs nothing; as for me and my House we only know how to Love.”

Her post came days after she post a black rose on her instagram with caption “the END” a post that uproared a heated debated about her relationship with her baby daddy.

Speculation hit the internet with her followers getting confussed on what was happening in her life.

Lilian Muli has been a victim of love before after she divorced her first husband Moses Kanene in 2016 after  six years of marriage.

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According to Lilian she and the husband had a troubled and turbulent marriage, in which her husband on numerous occasions, treated her with utmost cruelty and deserted her to live with an unknown woman or women in Kiambu County. “To compound the said cruelty, the respondent deserted the matrimonial home, and has been leading an adulterous life and committing adultery with various women and the marriage has irretrievably broken down.”

She further claimed that Kanene was a person of unpredictable moods, ungovernable temper and violent in nature.

However her funs have once again reacted tpo her now red rose post,here are some of the reactions.

victoriaones Positive vibes only… Go girl ????

carolinendimbei @lilmuli preach to them gal…..people need to stop with their negativities

celleshoppe @jossiemwiks I told yeah, it wasn’t a bad thing. N now I am so happy for our kamba gal. I love you @lilmuli n wish you well.

le.ah9454 Nice lil…

kristin_awuor  But you don’t owe Facebook in laws any explanation to whatever you do……live your life mama

bettymuteikyallo ?????? and it’s always rumors to do with relationships ??? kwani it can’t be the end of the Sunny season, or the end of a month, or end of a stressful season ?


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