Dog guarding meat? DPP’s egg on face over missing Prosecution files


The office of the Director of Public Prosecution has ordered an investigation into the disappearance of the files that contained evidence against the managing directors of the company.

While in court, prosecutor Alexander Muteti told chief magistrate Felix Kombo that the original ERC report prepared on the procurement of faulty transformers had mysteriously disappeared.

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The documents under the custody of Kenya Power rather than the office of the DPP. The puzzled has raised a lot of concerns whether an inside person is trying to intimidate the process of justice. The court is seeking an adjournment to investigate the issue of the missing files under unclear circumstances.

The accused persons include the immediate former MD Ken Tarus, his predecessor Ben Chumo and 12 others who were charged with conspiracy to defraud the parastatal of over Ksh409 million.

They reportedly purchased substandard transformers from Muwa Trading Company. The officials have also been accused of aiding fraudulent acquisition of Ksh202 million as payment for the supply of the transformers.

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