Did Apollo Mboya name his Price when he reached out of court deal?

Former Law Society of Kenya chief executive Apollo Mboya and Kenya Power have reached an out-of-court deal in the electricity billing case.

Kenya Power has agreed to stick to tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission and set up billing query centres countrywide.Kenya Power customers have been given 30 days from Monday to raise billing complaints.In this period, the company will not disconnect supply to customers who raise issues regarding their bills.

Customers using post paid services have the right to have their actual metre readings weighed against Kenya Power’s estimates to determine how much they owe.

The electricity distributor will also pay costs of filing the suit to Mr Mboya and the Electricity Consumers Society of Kenya.

Mr Mboya filed a class action suit against Kenya Power in January, accusing it of abusing its monopoly and dominance.

He asked the court to declare that the distributor made false or misleading representations of electricity tariffs and bills, thereby infringing on consumers’ rights.

He also sought a declaration that the monopoly enjoyed by Kenya Power is unconstitutional.

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