Is the Massive South Sudan Loot Being Used to Cover Up Monica Kimani’s Murder?

The Probe into Monica Kimani’s murder might not yield any positive results as earlier anticipated by the many Kenyans that have closely followed court proceedings on the matter

Kenyans started doubting the authenticity of the court proceedings immediately lady Justice Jessie Lessit withdrew from the case paving way for “old school” judge James Wakiaga to take over.

Wakiaga’s entry to the case has been seen by many as a soft landing to the accused duo of Maribe and her fiance Irungu. The Judge gave a strong warning to the media ordering them to be cautious of what they write and report in regards to the case. This has not bee taken well by media practitioners and Kenyans at large with many viewing it as a plan to gag the media.

Justice Wakiaga

Why is the Judge so interested in gagging the media? What is it that he does not want the public to know in regards to the case?

” My attitude towards these people ( journalists ) is negative . Am old school and I believe in blind justice . I don’t watch TV but I read newspapers.” ” said Justice Wakiaga.

Another pointer that Monica Kimani’s murder probe might just be a PR exercise is the fact that the police are yet to recover the murder weapon used to commit the heinous act. The murder weapon is regarded as a crucial part of the evidence and without it the prosecution might end up becoming a laughing stock in Court.

Various political leaders have been said to have a close relationship with the two suspects hence fueling doubts that Justice might not be served after all. The Presence of Gatundu MP Moses Kuria in court today all but confirmed these fears.

The Late Monica Kimani

There have also been revelations that on the day Monica arrived from Juba, South Sudan she had been briefly detained at the airport by Customs officials for holding huge sums undeclared foreign currency. Anybody holding more than $10,000 is obliged to declared at the customs, initial reports had indicated she had in excess of $60,000 in her possession.

It is also possible that she had millions of foreign currency in her apartment given the fact that she was alleged to be a money laundering agent for former South Sudan Warlord General Awet Akot.

It looks like the millions of dollars Monica laundered are being used to cover up her murder otherwise how can one explain missing records at the airport? how come DCI has convenietly left out the airport saga? who called to help Monica clear at the airport? who did she bribe? why did KAA not file a report? Where are theKRA receipts showing the partial declaration of foreign currency?

General Awet & Monica Kimani

The airport incident has been handled with the strictest confidentiality, with no official records showing Monica was at the airport on the material day.

The Kenya Airport Authority Communication Manager Angela Tilitei has since distanced the institution from the incident.

“KAA does not have the mandate to detain any passengers. It is either immigration, port health or Kenya Airports Police Unit,” she said.

Immigration Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa also said the matter never came to his attention adding that his officers only deal with passport matters.

“One thing I am sure of is that Monica never had a diplomatic passport as had been claimed. She bore the ordinary one,” he said.

There is no official record of Monica’s detention despite sources revealing that she was indeed held for about four hours at the airport after it emerged that she a lot of money in her possession.

The investigating authorities should therefore spare Kenyans of all the melodrama and give detailed account of what exactly transpired at the airport the night Monica Kimani jetted in from Juba. CCTV footages at the airport should all be assembled since they will give a clear account of the happenings at the airport.

We believe that the happenings and the airport and the recovery of the murder weapon will help unravel the Monica murder mystery. Otherwise, we should be braced for a “NO SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE” verdict on the matter.

Monica’s body was found inside a bathtub on September 21 by her brother who told police they had to break into the house after knocking several times. She was scheduled to fly to Dubai the same evening.

Both her feet and hands tied behind her back, an indication that she was tortured, according to the police.

Her throat had been slit, ear to ear and her mouth was taped shut, which police say are hallmarks of a professional killer.

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