An inside Look Into Kenya’s Cancerous National Assembly

A number of Kenyan legislators may be actually suffering in silence as they try deal with the deadly Cancer disease. Juja Mp, Francis Waititu revealed shocking details about the health of our members of parliament. According to Waititu, around 63 members of parliament are suffering from Cancer.

“The situation is serious. We have for example about 63 MPs from the National Assembly and the Senate and thousands of other Kenyans suffering from cancer. We must get out and talk about it boldly,” said Waititu.

The Mp further said dozens of Kenyans taken to India for treatment, and their caregivers, sleep in the streets after running out of money. “Kenyans seeking cancer treatment in India are suffering. They cannot find anywhere to lay down heads and end up sleeping in trenches because they cannot afford renting the expensive houses there.”

The legislator said the burden of cancer was enormous, and “the country can no longer afford to bury its head in the sand”.

The Juja Legislator further reveals that among the cancer patients he met in India included nine of his fellow MPs and four Senators.

Waititu, who is also a cancer survivor say’s that if detected early, cancer is easier and cheaper to treat. The MP, who is now cancer-free, credits his successful treatment to early diagnosis, his family and the Kenyatta family’s support.

He worked for the Kenyatta’s before he joined Parliament and in a bid to tame the killer, the MP is spearheading plans to build a cancer centre in Juja for early screening and treatment.

A local businessman has donated 50 acres near Mang’u High School for the purpose. The MP said President Uhuru Kenyatta had okayed the plan.


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