SHOCKING! Jacque Maribe’s LIFE Will Be In DANGER If She Does This Against Joe Irungu?

TV journalist Jacque Maribe with her father Mwangi Maribe who has said that her life will be in danger if she testifies against Joe Irungu.

TV journalist Jacque Maribe’s father has disclosed that his daughter’s life will be in danger if she testifies against her fiancé Joe Irungu. In a report by Nation, Mr. Mwangi Maribe said that his daughter’s life would be in danger if she testified against Irungu because he has deep connections with mysterious people. He went ahead to say that he may advise her against it because Irungu, who is the main suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani, may not have committed the crime alone, and his accomplices could be out there.

He may not have committed the crime alone. The man has deep connections with shadowy people. His accomplices may be out there and may go after my daughter if she testifies against him. She could live in fear for the rest of her life,” Mr Mwangi was quoted.


He insisted that his daughter was innocent and was only a victim of circumstance and love. Mr Mwangi accused police of being after fame adding that it was the reason they were prosecuting Jacque.

Police want to become famous by nailing a celebrity. That is why my daughter is in custody. Her neighbor Brian Kassaine, also has a partner. Why is she not in custody? Her biggest mistake was falling in love,” said Mr. Mwangi.

His words come even as Jacque Maribe is expected to appear in Court on Thursday this week, after police conclude investigations into her involvement in the murder of Monica Kimani.

She was arrested alongside her neighbour Brian Kassaine whose gun Joe Irungu is said to have used to shoot himself.

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