#MonicaKimani: Joe Irungu’s Father SPEAKS Over Son’s MURDER Case

Joe Irungu. Joe Irungu's father makes one request to Detectives over son's murder case

The father of murder suspect, Joe Irungu, has spoken out for the first time after his son was arrested in connection with the murder of Monica Kimani, who was brutally murdered on September 19. The father is appealing to detective’s not to rush the investigations and instead do a thorough job. “I am pleading with the investigators not to rush matters, but to do thorough investigations to reveals who actually did it” Joe Irungu’s Father was quoted by the Nation.

He added that he sympathizes with Ms Kimani’s family, but maintained that his son did not participate in the murder, because he was brought up in strict adherence of Christian Values.

The suspects’ father also refuted reports that the DNA results matched that of his son saying the family was planning to hire an own doctor to conduct separate tests.

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“I was shocked to see the report in the newspaper that DNA samples were showing 99.9 per cent confirmation. I am hoping they can track everything and do through investigations. We are wondering how they arrived at that” said Irunu’s father.

The father disclosed that the last time he met with his son was at Kijabe Mission Hospital where her had been admitted after unknown people shot him.

“He called me to say he was in hospital and so we left with his mother to find out what happened. We arrived at Kijabe and he told us he had been admitted don Sunday and he was later discharged on Monday.”

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He refuted claims that his son attempted suicide basing on the facts that he was knowledgeable about guns and if he wanted to kill himself he wouldn’t have shot himself on the lower part of his shoulder.

The father also affirmed that he was aware that his son went to Dubai to look for employment after completing a hotel course at The Kenya Polytechnic, but later trained as security personnel while there.

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On the other hand, Joe Irungu’s mother revealed that their lives have changed since the day their son was linked to the murder.

“Sitokangi hapa, kufungua gate pia ni shida , nikiskai mtu anagonga gate najua mambo yangu kwisha, kwa hivyo hata siwezi fungulia hata mgeni wangu kwa gate, watu nikama wamenigeuka, isipokuwa wale true friends” said Joe Irungu’s mother in an Interview with NTV.

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