Jacque Maribe’s father issued a warning to her over dating Joe Irungu

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The Mystery surrounding Jacque Maribe’s love life continues to deepen, as her father’s warning about dating Joe Irungu alias Joe Jowie comes to the limelight.
According to the “The Nairobian”, Jacque Maribe’s father, Pastor Mwangi Maribe had asked her daughter to dump the boyfriend (Joe Jowie).

Maribe, who is the last born in a family of three girls, had been requested to dump Jowie, after his family members described him as boastful, controlling, manipulative and a person of angers issues.

Maribe’s family knew little about Joe Jowie’s family, a thing that had raised eyebrows of whether he was serious with the relationship.

The local daily reports that Maribe’s father had visited her daughter in Lang’ata where he asked Jowie when he was planning to pay the bride price for his daughter, but he only replied with “Nitajipanga”.

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It’s reported that the father had brought up the bride issues to gauge Jowie’s seriousness into their relationship. Jowie came to the limelight after she engaged Ms Maribe in an affair that was graced by her close friends in July this Year.

The two love birds met in January at a Nairobi club and fell in Love. A close friend to the Citizen TV anchor says Maribe was hopelessly in Love with Jowie. She had given him, her car keys and most of the time he stayed at her house in Lang’ata.

Despite the beautiful love story behind the two, Maribe and Jowie, are being held in police custody in relation to the murder of slain business woman Monica Kimani.

DNA tests and fingerprint analysis have placed Joseph Irungu at the scene of the murder of Monica Kimani, according to detectives. The new findings have placed Irungu, alias Jowie, at the heart of the investigation into the murder of the woman whose body was found in a bathtub in her Nairobi apartment with her throat slit.

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DNA tests on semen found on the slain girl, and other samples from under her nails, confirmed with a 99.9 per cent accuracy that they belonged to Irungu, placing him at the scene of crime on the material day and time.

Other samples, including bloodstained fingerprints, matched 99 per cent those collected from Irungu, police said. A senior officer involved in the probe said: “We are now working on witnesses.” Other samples with similar findings had been dusted from an adhesive tape that was found covering Monica’s mouth, a rope used to tie her hands, and the bathtub.

The bloodstains were found on a sofa set. The investigators said fingerprints lifted from Monica’s body also matched those of Irungu.
Detectives from the Homicide Unit at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters have been working with officials from the Government Chemist in the analysis of the samples, and they announced that they had received the results. Police believe the killer used a knife to cut Monica’s throat. The knife has yet to be found.

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