Joe Irungu and Monica Were Once Lovers, Here is why they Broke up

Joseph Irungu and his lawyers at Kiambu Law Courts on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. /STANLEY NJENGA

Monica Kimani once dated Joe Irungu. This is according to the deceased’s cousin who refused to be named owing to the fact that the matter is still an active investigation.

The cousin revealed to The Standard, that Monica ditched Jowi, due to his promiscuous behavior. Irungu is currently the main suspect over the heinous murder of the 28 year old woman.

“It wasn’t a secret the Monica and Jowie were moving out and we don’t know what really transpired that led to the cruel death of our lovely cousin,” he said.

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The family also believe that the killer took away a lot of money from the deceased.

“Some of her close friends have conferred with us that Monica had some good money which she intended to use during her tour in Dubai,” “We suspect that the killers were after this cash, we hope and pray that the real truth shall come out and justice will be done,” he said.

The story is collaborated by another story on Kahawa Tungu which revealed that Joe Irungu murdered Monica and got away with a lot of money.

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Police have not revealed, whether they are following the money trail in the investigations. According to Kahawa Tungu, Monica was involved in money laundering business with top South Sudanese government officials and therefore had access to lots of cash.

It is believed that Jowi, who is jobless got wind of Monica’s money and wanted all of it for himself. Money could have therefore been the motive of the killing.

Monica was laid to rest at her family’s farm in Chemichemi village in Gilgil on Friday.

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