‘Must listen to music’ that is currently trending


Trending on number 1 is a lyric video (music) by OtileBrown released earlier last week. The song created a lot of traction  on social media platforms and raised a lot of concerns as many rumored that the song revealed that his ex- lover Vera Sidika had aborted his child. However no one knows whether this is true or not.

The song which was released 3 days ago, unravels hurt, disappointment and  heartbreak.  Some fans have shown a sense  of disappointment by the artist saying that he is being too emotional.

Despite all this drama, the song is leading on the trends. Who is winning?

Trending on number 3 is a  song by Madam Boss – Akothee  produced by Nigerian record producer DJ Coublon.

“The song is inspired by the lead act winning a lottery, in this case finding the love of her life. “My song is about finding love despite the odds. As a musician and mother of five, my aim is to show that being a mother does not stop you from achieving your dreams. She said” This song was released 5 day ago.

Back at it is Avril, after about a year off she has released a new  song ” In love”. Her fans love it I have no doubt you will too.

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