‘You won But Corruption is our middle Name’ K.O.T trolls Yami Mercado

Yeimi Mercado, the latest victim of Zarika’s deadly iron fist, on Monday claimed that she was rigged out of a win by the judges during the high profile fight at KICC.

And Kenyans could not hold back, on the allegations with some telling her that corruption is our second name and therefore she should just accept and move on.

‘I say goodbye to Nairobi, I am dissatisfied with the decision of the judges, but happy with the work I do, grateful to the beautiful people of Kenya who acknowledged the triumph.’ The 20 year older boxer posted on her Twitter handle.

But someone decided to remind her that even Kenyans were not satisfied with the quality of the famous Mexico maize but didn’t tell anyone.

‘Usituletee na dissatisfaction bana. Hata sisi hatukuwa satisfied na MAHINDI mlitupea na hatukuambia mtu. Safari njema lakini.’ Thomas Adinda replied to the Tweet.

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