Get a wife and settle!! Ezekiel Mutua tells off Larry Madowo


The Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) chair also known as moral police Dr. Ezekiel Mutua had zero chills on Journalist Larry Madowo after he expressed his sentiments on his Washington post regarding the ban of the Kenyan produced Lesbian film – Rafiki.

According to Dr. Mutua,Larry Madowo had no moral authority to lecture anyone about life, family or Godliness,Dr. Mutua continued and advised Larry to instead look for a wife and settle down.

Well,Dr Mutua’s comment was not taken lightly by one Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr who also went on to defend the BBC’s journalist by telling of the KFBC chair saying,“Public officers cannot engage citizens in this manner. You are out of order. We must learn to restrain ourselves howsoever provoked.

The film was ban Rafiki a few weeks ago claiming it was contrary to the laws of Kenyas as well as its motive to promote lesbianism in Kenya

It has hence however gained enormous recognition at Cannes.


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