ODM MP faults Raila for exaggerating numbers of delegates in US Trip

Photo: Raila Odinga/courtesy

Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma has revealed that only 20 MPs attended the legislative assembly in Nashville, Tennessee,US.

“I doubt more than 20 MPs went. When you go out there, there are so many things that happen. When we went to Russia we were looking at opportunities which we found,” the ODM legislator said.

He said that the excess number mentioned by Raila Odinga might have been drawn from the number of MCAs who were also representing the country in US.

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Photo: Homabay MP Peter Kaluma/courtesy

“I doubt the number of delegates from Parliament. It must have included honourable members of County Assemblies… anyway, this is not to justify the unnecessary expenditure,” Kaluma claimed.

Kaluma further argued that the Parliament carries out prior planning before approving any delegates trip. However, he claimed that the MPs should consider setting a limit to curb over-expenditure.

According to Raila, 90 delegates attended the legislative assembly. Raila claimed that other countries such as The United States had 9 delegates, Nigeria had 20 and Portugal had 2. He criticized the huge expenditure as a “scandalous a waste of revenue by Parliament and County assemblies.

“It’s a shame. Parliament owes Kenyans an explanation as to why they send bloated delegations who bring no benefit to our country,” Raila insisted.


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