Ladies, how that synthetic underwear is messing you ‘down there’

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Did you know that the wrong pair of undies during exercise can up your risk of infection? Sometimes for reasons of comfort (due to the clothes you wear) or fashion, many women choose to use a synthetic type of garment. However, in the genital area, it can cause the appearance of vaginal infections.

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When it comes to material, experts agree that your personal preference can dictate the fabric as long as you make sure the crotch is lined with cotton. One specialist found out that most of the underwear that’s available is fairly breathable. According to one expert; as long as the synthetic underwear has a cotton liner where the vaginal area is, you’ll be fine. But only if you’re looking for optimal underwear conditions, steer clear of synthetic materials, and only wear silk on special occasions.

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The main reason why silk and synthetic fabrics are not advisable for ladies to use, it’s because they are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, that creates a yeast or bacterial infection. Also, synthetic garments do not favour perspiration and can generate bad odours. Therefore, it is advisable to use 100% cotton underwear, which dries quickly and allows air to flow through the fabric.

Also after doing physical activity, it is important to change underwear and avoid the use of ‘douching’ in women of childbearing age. The idea is to wash that area with a soap that has a pH similar to that of the vagina and avoid full waxing.

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Also, avoid the use of talcum powder or odour protectors because they can cause irritation in that area, especially if you have skin sensitive and try to wear loose clothing so that your intimate parts ‘breathe’ properly. Not only is tight-hugging underwear often uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time, but it’s also not the healthiest situation for your vagina because it limits airflow.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a girl you are, there are many different types of panties these days, and somewhere you’re bound to find something that feels both comfortable and it’s nice on your body. Observing good hygiene habits should be every ladies’ responsibility.

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