Anerlisa Reveals She Does Not Fear Husband Snatchers

Kenyan Businesswoman and the Nero water CEO Anerlisa Muingai has come out to offer advice to insecure women who fear that their men would be snatched by other women.

Anerlisa who was engaged by one Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has been sharing photos of her fiancee since Ben Pol went on his knees and proposed to her.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa [Courtesy Instagram]
Immediately after the proposal which happened a months ago, Anerlisa went to social media and shared photos of the event.

In one Video Anerlisa shows off her ring and another post, she shows the public how her man took her down to the beach, all dressed in white, knelt down before her and marked her for marriage by putting a ring on her finger.


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Can’t Get Enough Of This Ring 💍 #Engagement #SongByMyFiance #❤

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Recently, Anerlisa shared a video of her fiancee’s interview and captioned it with sweet words. It seems that some insecure women saw it and thought that he is too cute to be shared on social media.  They volunteered to offer some advice to anerlisa not knowing she was way past their advice.

Anerlisa says some women popularly known as online inlaws have been approaching Anerlisa telling her to keep her man off social media because women out there will snatch him.

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However, anerlisa being the secure type, rubbished their views and instead offered a piece of advice to them through her Insta Stories.

she told them it would be pointless to keep a man who has over 2 million followers on Instagram off social media. She also advised them to keep off men who give their women a reason to doubt them.

This is what she said

Anerlisa told the advisors that they should always put God first and they should remember nothing can interfere with God’s plan in people’s Lives

Never waste time with a man whom you doubt- Anerlisa Muingai





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