Types of Kenyan bosses you Bound to meet

We’ve all dealt with thmem at some point… some of us still are dealing with them… Our Bosses.

The best thing to do? Learn how to spot them and come with a plan to either work with them or make an exit plan and we mean this (skrrt, skrrt) away from them.

1. The Screamer

If you made a mistake at work prepare to have the screamer tell you, the whole office, the office building and the whole street at volume 11, about what you just did. Wow. Just wow.

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2. The Master manipulator

The master manipulator will not rest until you, your colleagues and the office tea lady are at each others throat over some nonsense. Why are they like that ? Who hurt them? Nobody knows fam. Nobody.

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3. The Emotional one

Friends, The Great Justin Timberlake made his hit ” Cry me a river” for this particular boss. He/ She will resort to tears at the drop of a hat. They must be cousins with the master manipulator because their tears get them out of all types of scrapes, while leaving you to do deal with angry clients. It’s witchcraft. That’s what that is sis.

4. The Diva

The Diva will NEVER share her spotlight! Did you do all the work? That’s ok. She/ He is the superstar so never forget. Make sure you never try to come for their throne because they will send the emotional one to cry at you and make you look bad.

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Guys, whatever you do be smart with how you handle this bosses. If you can take it then stay with the kitchen and work and if you can’t please make an exit plan and start working on it

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