LET’S GET THIS BABY MOVING: Other Positions to Give Birth than normal

Giving birth is already a hard enough task as it is. There are tons of positions you can be in when it comes to the delivery of your baby. Whichever makes you most comfortable, I say go for it. Don’t feel limited or restricted all because of the “norm” of childbirth.

1.Support standing

If you feel comfortable standing, then you’ll need someone to help you. This involves you placing your arms around your man’s neck while facing him. This increases the descent of the head which helps bring the head down much easier. So will you be standing?

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2. Sitting

You can sit facing the back of the chair with a cushion in front of you and this is a good option for pain control because the chair will offer support for you. This position encourages your pelvis to open up as well.

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3. Birthing ball

This is a standard physiotherapy ball. Sit on the ball with your knees open, or you can choose to lean over the ball with your knees on the floor. However, you see fit. This position offers relief for the lower back pain.

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4. Walking

Walking creates a rocking motion which helps the baby’s head find a comfortable engaging position. And it also makes you calm and relaxed as well. It keeps you calm

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All this happens within the first stage of labour. These positions easier for you to deliver your baby in a comfortable manner and less painful.

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