Inside the city hotel where waiters are all deaf

Pallet Cafe in Nairobi

A hotel in the city has wowed Kenyans by their decision to empower people living with disabilities by availing employment opportunities for this disadvantaged group.

The hotel located in Lavington, Nairobi employs people with hearing impairment–a lot that has been ignored by many employers in the country.

Pallet Café management has revealed that there aim is to prove that people living with disabilities are not different from the rest of the people in the society.

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After hiring the dumb and deaf, the unique hotel offers them the training required in the foodservice industry.

“We decided to hire people with hearing impairment just to prove to the society that these guys don’t have disabilities. They are just like you and I. They have talents, they need to live a fruitful life. For them to live a fruitful life, they need to be empowered, “ remarked the General Manager.

Pallet Cafe in Nairobi, Edward Gitau


So far, five employees with hearing disabilities. Some work as waiters and waitresses while some are chefs.

A staff known as Davina Owour said she has learned diverse cooking skills and can make American, Indian, European, and Chinese dishes.

The waiters and waitresses have been trained on how to approach customers and communicate with them without struggling.

To make life easier for the disabled staff, the hotel has devised a simple menu coded to make it easier for the waiters and waitresses with hearing loss.

One of the Waiters, Edward Gitau, a 24-year-old man, says he feels comfortable working at Pallet Café because the communication simple despite most of their clients being foreigners.

Here are some reactions from happy Kenyans for the noble course:


Here is a video on how the deaf waiters operate:

Truly, disability is not inability!

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