ODM sold their souls to Jubilee, Says Political Analyst

Political Analyst Prof Herman Manyora believes that the one time strongest opposition party Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) sold their souls to Jubilee for promises that may or may not be fulfilled in the long run.

According to Prof Manyora in an interview, he said that the ODM party has lost its footing in the country and singled out the silence. In addition, he said that if ODM was still as strong as they were in the past the third phase of the Eurobond would never have happened.

“The Sh210 billion Euro bond could be something else if ODM was still ODM. The party leadership is not reading the mood of the country. This is because the mood in the country is people are not with the leaders, they believe Raila and ODM sold their soul to Jubilee for promises which might not materialise and even his die-hard supporters feel duped as they might not ripe the benefits,” he said.

The money according to Treasury will be used to finance some unspecified development infrastructure projects, support expenditure budget and to refinance the $750 million (Sh75 billion) of the first Euro-bond issued in 2014 which is due on June 24.

This loan comes at a time when corruption scandals are at the pick where various government leaders have been accused of spending and stealing public funds for their own benefits.

The recent scandal saw Ksh 21 billion get lost that was meant for the construction of Arror and Kimwarer Dam in Elgeyo Marakwet. However, the case which saw various government official linked and dragged into the mess has since gone silent with nothing much been said about the investigations.

In addition, Prof Manyora noted that ODM  never speaks about the harsh economy and high cost of living, corruption purge among others. Instead, even with the Parliamentary Budget Office giving advice that Uhuru Big Four Agenda is unattainable, it has become the ODM party’s daily song, drumming up support for its implementation with no iota of conscience.

Analysts say the party has gone ahead embracing Uhuru’s ideologies by keeping quite even in light of serious concerns which directly contradicts its manifesto for 2013 and 2017 campaigns.




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