Look Younger Through This Simple Steps

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I’m yet to see a woman who would want to look younger than they actually are, or better still to maintain their youth. That’s why most botox clients are women however, you really don’t need botox if you adapt to a healthy lifestyle. You can look younger with only a simple spice in your kitchen.

But today we will not talk about spices but some practices we either do not know or ignore. First,  you and the product you use play 50-50 in your skin care success story. Here are the basic guidelines to the success of your skin regimen.

1. Make smart priorities

If you’re on a budget, scale back to the essentials.

Cleanser, moisturiser and SPF are key, always wear a daily sunscreen, it’s the single best anti-ageing thing you can do. Prioritise that over something like an expensive neck cream.

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2. Instructions are not as important as you think

Product instructions are written for the average user, but that might not give you the best results.

For instance, you’re often told to tap eye cream around the orbital bone, that’s fine if you’re young and mainly have puffiness, but if you’re older it’s like putting a spot cream an inch from your spot! You need to put it where the signs of ageing are, which means up to the lashes and on lids. Then assess how your skin looks and feels. If it looks better, use that technique every time.

3. Don’t give up too quickly

We’re an impatient lot and easily swayed by products that promise instant anti-ageing effects.

The most powerful anti-ageing ingredients are the ones that go down to the deeper layers of the skin. They can make a big difference to things like sun damage, but it takes at least a month to start seeing results from those – so persevere.

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4. Use your make-up to figure out your skin type

Many women think their skin is dry (lacking in oil) when it’s actually dehydrated (lacking in water). To help tell the difference, look at how your foundation performs.

If your skin is dehydrated, make-up tends to crease and sit in your lines. If it’s dry, make-up tends to fade really quickly,’ says Alison. If it turns out your skin is dry, pick richer, thicker, oil-based creams, and if it’s dehydrated go for ones with a more fluid, gel-like texture with words like “quenching” in the name.’

5. You should only pay for what’s proven

Want to see a real difference to wrinkles?

Patented, proven anti-ageing ingredients like liposomes, peptides and retinols are worth spending the money on, but if you just want cushioned, healthy-looking skin, you can get that from a good basic moisturiser.’

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6. Get better results by double-dosing

Feel like your undereye area is ageing fast? Don’t invest in an expensive new eye cream quite yet, you might just need to double-dose the products you already have. Try taking your face serum or moisturiser up to your eye area, then applying your current eye cream over the top. You should see a benefit within three nights. If you don’t, consider buying a richer eye cream next time.

7. There’s nothing like, ‘all skin types’

We are all unique and so is our skin the needs of dry skin can never be the same as those for oily skin. This is a scam! don’t fall for this, they do not yield results.

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8. Be sceptical of ‘sensitive skin’ formulas

Any product can say it’s ‘for sensitive skin’ – there’s no legal definition and no guarantee it won’t cause a reaction. A lot of brands say “suitable for sensitive skin” because they want as many people as possible to buy them.

If you have reaction-prone skin, the last thing you should do is swap between “sensitive skin” ranges. Each time you do, you’re putting 20-30 new ingredients on your face. If you’re having flare-ups, cut back to one cleanser and one moisturiser that feels soothing. Or use a 100% natural oil like rosehip, almond or jojoba as both cleanser and moisturiser to give your skin a break and help it calm down.

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