Waiguru Links a Politician to the Kerugoiya Hospital Shame

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Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has made first public appearance after a shameful exposure of the Kerugoiya Hospital which is in her county.

The governor linked a politician with trying to sabotage her in the wake of the health crisis in the county.

Waiguru whose government has been on the spot in the recent days after an explosive exposure on the deplorable state of Kerugoya County Referral Hospital shifted the blame to unnamed politicians and medical officers in Kirinyaga.

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The governor alleged a clique of local politicians conspired with senior medical officers whom she did not mention to instigate heath crisis in Kirinyaga county and paint her administration in a bad light.

“There was sabotage and we are investigating to establish which politician is behind the fiasco. In the meantime the situation at Kerugoya Hospital is being improved and is now much better,” she said on Tuesday, May 14, amid public rage over the pathetic state of the county health facility.

Waiguru disclosed they had received a report from the task-force that was formed to investigate the mess at Kerugoya Hospital and also from the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) which had also dispatched a team to the health facility.

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Among the recommendations made by both the task-force and the KMPDU recommended for measures to be taken to rectify the situation and also disciplinary action to be taken against officials responsible for the mess.

“The reports recommend how we can improve the situation at the hospital. It also calls for disciplinary action against officers who colluded to paralyse operations at the hospital,” she said.

Among the politicians who weighed in on the health crisis was Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Wangui who demanded a complete audit of the Kerugoya Hospital.

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“We all saw Kerugoya Hospital was in a deplorable state. People were complaining and pleading with me to visit Kerugoya Hospital to get to the bottom of the matter,” she said in reaction to a viral video of dirty Kerugoya Hospital.

Health workers at the referral county hospital had warned they will abandon the ailing health facility if the county government does not address its sorry state. The hospital which recently laid off over 200 casual workers including cleaners was in a total mess manifested by blocked toilets and unwashed linen due to lack of essential running water.

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