Can ODM Survive without Raila? Mixed Reactions from Kenyans

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Online Users now believe that the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) is already in existence.

This was after an online user took to Twitter explaining the facts that show that the one time strongest opposition party is no more.

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“ODM IS DEAD WITHOUT RAILA. Rem: in Ugenya and Embakasi. Raila Heckled in Muhoroni. ODM is too dependent on party leader Raila Odinga and concludes that in his absence, it will quickly crumble and die!”

This was after Raila Odinga was booed and Heckled by Residents in Muhoroni that got the online user thinking. However, there has been speculation that the Raila led Party is no longer as powerful as before.

According to Kenyans, this has been attributed by the handshake between President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga which has caused an uproar among leaders in ODM and some from Jubilee Party allied to DP Ruto.

There has been division in especially in Jubilee with DP Ruto allies claiming that Raila Odinga is not genuine with the handshake instead he is in it for his own benefit to gain favour from President Kenyatta come to 2022 General Election.



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