We have begged enough!…Angry Wajir residents summon leaders including Duale over blackout

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Kenyans are now up in arms with the government and the Kenya Power and Lightning Company over the major blackout being faced in Wajir county.

“Security of Public and private properties in Wajir environs and its people should never be gambled,” some have stated.


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Wajir residents have been experiencing power outages over the years. This is mainly because it is not connected to the national grid. In this regard, the town would go for  weeks without electricity and sometimes even months, something the Deputy president was hoping to end. In the recent past, the main generator had broken down and was beyond repair by the Kenya Power Company.

The Kenya Power and lightning have responded after a tweet highlighted that there are plans of citizens to hit the streets over power black out in Wajir.

KPLC  defended that their team is aware of the fault and that plans are underway to address the issue.

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The power company response however did not calm down the irked residents who have still vowed to protest.


Many Kenyans have agreed that the issue is serious and that the government needs to solve the problem urgently as businesses are recording major losses already.

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What makes the situation even worse is that its the Ramadan Holy month period and the Muslim faithfuls in the region are surviving without electricity. This has annoyed many.

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