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The global erectile dysfunction industry is worth nearly $4.5 billion. After all, Viagra costs nearly $70 a pill. But what about the erectile function industry? Or rather, the industry for helping erections go away.

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That’s right, there are actual drugs prescribed by actual doctors to help prevent erections rather than kick-start them. Valium is like having a drink. It relaxes you and may help you avoid erections.  though, that neither drug was specifically designed to help prevent erections, which is why dick deflation isn’t considered their first order of business (or what they’re known for).

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Amyl nitrate, narcotics, refrigerant sprays and dorsal nerve blocks are usually initiated after the erection has begun, frequently provide incomplete relief and their effects are short-lived. They’re not perfect, and most doctors probably won’t prescribe them.

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Why would anyone want to prevent an erection in the first place?  The most common answer, adult circumcisions and any other surgical procedure involving the penis. Getting an erection after you’ve been circumcised can be very painful. To that end, one such drug that showed promise in helping keep postoperative erections at bay for men who’ve undergone circumcision or penile and urethral reconstruction.

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