#AfterTheRevolution: Boniface Mwangi’s Brand Activism sparks Anger among Kenyans

Kenyans on Twitter unleashed their wrath upon Boniface Mwangi, a well-known photojournalist, politician and activist popular for his high involvement in social-political activism is now in the line of fire for his brand of activism.  Using the #AfterTheRevolution against the controversial public figure amid him continuing to challenge local leaders and their selfish use of power.

The trending topic on social media comes just days after Boniface Mwangi was held in police custody last week (6.05.2019), after raising suspicions from authorities that he was leading a revolution. With rampant corruption, high poverty levels, and an increasing wage bill, Kenyans were in support of the ‘revolutionary’  using the #FreeBonifaceMwangi. He was soon released, but K.O.T is not keen on his brand of revolutionary ideals.

#AfterTheRevolution twitter rants have gone viral, with many across the Twittersphere chiming in on the discussion of what is a true revolution. Though it seems that many may not have a clear understanding of what a revolution truly is, it is clear that Boniface is unwavering in his mission.

And even though K.O.T have even gone to the extent of defacing his 2017 book ‘Unbounded’, some see the sense in what Boni hopes to achieve. For those tired of the status quo, they have offered support while disturbing the peace online, with some hard but true revelations.

The topic has stirred up many, with some wondering if the conversation is just as setup to strike fear into the hearts of many, and keep citizens distructed from the real destruction that is underfoot. The pillaging of public funds, flaunted laws, all as the elected leaders line their pockets with taxpayers money.

And the once-deported and revolutionary intellectual Dr. Miguna Miguna also gave his two cents, giving his comments on Kenya’s non-stater revolution in support of Boniface.

Many argue that a revolution is more than the death of those who fight to create a new normal. It is a matter of changing mindsets and breaking free from the status quo.

Do you buy into Boniface Mwangi’s revolution?

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