Rising above tribal Politics, Lessons to learn from Busia’s Governor Ojamoong!

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For very elections whether mini or general conducted in Kenya, one monster still remains a hard nut to crack for most Kenyans. The notion of having ‘Mtu wetu or Our tribe’ in power is not only driving us back but slowly killing our country.

Most politicians have perfected this act. For them to survive their next moves, tribal arithmetics has to be considered. As an aspiring leader, one has to first weigh on their tribal support before coming out o declare their interests.

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For one ODEKE OJAAMONG, this is not the case. The little known Busia Governor is serving his last term as the first governor for Busia County. This man, from the land of Oduya Oprong and AA Ekirapa, has some vital political lessons, to offer…

Busia County, bordering Uganda has seven constituencies, namely Budalangi, Matayos, Funyula, Butula, Nambale, Teso South and Teso North. The first five are predominantly Luhya, and only the two are occupied by the Teso community, which the governor comes from

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Without any negotiated democracy, how did he manage to cruise past Otuoma, a candidate from the dominant Luhya community?

Can the Kuria of Migori learn a lesson and use it to surmount the dominance of the Luo in county politics?

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The Keiyo of Uasin Gishu, are similarly disadvantaged, numerically, in comparison to the Nandi. Buzeki Nebo Chego, flopped miserably, for reasons that the tribal/sub-tribal waters were stirred, reducing the gubernatorial contest into an ethnic competition, giving Mandago, an edge, courtesy of his support tribe

That the counties assumed the frontiers of the former districts, disadvantaged the Keiyos, splitting them between Uasin Gishu, and Elgeyo Marakwet. In the latter, they are the minority to majority Marakwet, the tribe of the majority Senate leader, Kipchumba Murkomen

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Busia’s Ojaamong is a case study

However, it is important to note that he rode on a negotiated democracy in his first tenure. In the maiden elections under the new constitution, most political heavyweights, Orengo, Wako, Kiraitu, Wetangula, Khalwale, etc fought for the senatorial position, while thinking that was where the real power was.

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This could be the reason, the Luhyas bargained for the Senate position, in that deal, leaving him, the gubernatorial one. That was an easy ride, as all he needed was an ODM certificate and he was done

However, to win his second term, he had to pull a Shekhar Mehta. Mehta is that famous rally driver, we were told fixed a jet engine in his rally car, and once flagged off he’d engage the flight gear, fly past his competitors and land a few kilometers to the finish, thus unfairly winning the race

Ojaamong pulled a Tharaka Nithi on Otuoma, to “win” the ODM, in the spirit of the Luo saying, that suggests that power is never given and must be taken, forcibly, as Jakom is readying himself to do in 2022, after successfully failing in his earlier bid where he was waiting to be given he same

Ojaamong has a bag full of political lessons to offer

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