Willy Paul’s revelation that will shock Gospel industry

Willy Paul has vowed to expose all the dirty things in the gospel industry and even people that have planned on ruining his name.

Ever thought of Willy Paul saving the Gospel industry with his secular music?

Willy Paul has been on the receiving end of all trolls after switching a U-turn to secular music.

He started well with Sitolia which branded him the gospel superstar and even inspired many.

Pozze is arguably one of the most talented artist w have around with hits after hits but has it been that simple?. NO.

With a series of attacks from ‘haters’ and specifically his counterpart Ringtone Apoko, Willy Paul might have had enough and is now on the move to call out everyone.

Who do you think has been on the forefront of bringing Willy Paul down?

“Morning guys, 2019.. this is the year that I am going to put to shame everyone that looked down on me, I’m going to expose every dirty secrets that they’ have been doing in this INDUSTRY,” read Willy Paul’s caption in part.

He added that he is not perfect but he will share what the “crazy world” has shown him.

Who do you think Willy Paul is talking about?

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