Ha ha! partying like a Kikuyu

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As you read this post,there is Kikuyu somewhere who has bought some chicken and fries from a restaurant and are now wondering why the hell couldn’t they add soup to the food. No offense intended; I am a Kikuyu by blood, body, and flesh.

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One of the major events in the land of kiuks is a party, sherehe, here are sampled highlights of Kikuyu party,,,any party.

A party starts by sharing of roles,, Wanjeri-karati, wawairimu-shafaci 

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Work begins early if water was fetched early

Let’s get to food,,there must be carrots and potatoes, especially if the party is in Nyandarua

Carrots for cooking in a Kikuyu party event,

Then after cooking, there is always this ‘fooding’ part. Tip: In a kikuyu event, always smile at the woman who is serving fruits. In most cases, this woman is very much respected and has alot of authority. She can also order that your plate be changed to any kind of food that you want.

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If the food is served in a buffet, always make sure that you don’t heap your plate at the initial stage. Most of the sweetest food is served at the end. If you heap your food with ‘mukimo’, you won’t have any space left for meat.

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Guests in a kikuyu party always kill it. There will never lack a probox in a Kikuyu party, never!.

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Have we eaten?, Then we can dance, shall we?

You will never go wrong with kikuyu dances. Everyone from the MC to the party owner is always in happy mood.

Even as you are dancing, you wont fail to notice someone who gate crushed the party and they are eating while bending behind the seats.

Kikuyus out there, we celebrate you.

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