Freedom Is Coming: Jowie Might Finally Join Maribe to Chop Life

After  shocking revelations were made of the torturous life Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has been subjected to since he was moved to Kamiti Maximum Prison, his defence team has indicated that they would make an application for review of bond terms and file an affidavit on the same.

Do you think Jowie’s defence team has any chance to have the fresh appeal go through?

Apparently, Jowie’s legal team has got a lot to prove in the Court of Law if their appeal is to go through.

First will be the issue of Jowie’s treatment. Since being denied bail, Jowie has apparently not received any specialized treatment on his gunshot wound.

“My client has not been given the specialised treatment at KNH (Kenyatta National Hospital)…we are also told that he was transferred to Kamiti and there are issues that have been raised by Jowi in regards to torture,” said Jowie’s lawyers.

According to Jowie’s legal team, he is being mistreated and has not been given medical attention for his gunshot wound.

Justice James Wakiaga has already issued an order that Jowie be admitted to KNH on Tuesday (Today) for surgery.

Prison officials have however claimed that his admission today will not be possible because the Prison facility lacks a mode of transport.

An officer from Kamiti has however noted that if due process is followed, Jowie will be availed for treatment tomorrow.

Justice Wakiaga has directed that Jowie be subjected to Medical treatment or be released to seek for the medication all by himself.

Apart from being Denied Medical treatment, Jowie has also had to endure torture while at Kamiti. It is however not clear who is torturing him and how he is exactly being tortured..

State Prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki has weighed in on the torture claims and said that relevant investigative agencies will look into the matter and subject findings to Court.

This comes after filing an earlier application that sought to have Justice James Wakiaga withdraw himself from the case.

Jowie and his legal team had earlier filed an application seeking to have High Court Judge James Wakiaga withdraw himself from hearing his case. He later withdrew the application but the reasons for the same have not yet been made public.

Based on the above, Should Jowie be finally granted bail?

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