MP Who Spearheaded Linturi’s Ouster Says Life is in Danger; Doctors Set to Comply With Court Orders & Covid-19 Vaccine Withdrawn Following Dangerous Side Effects

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The Meteorological Department has issued urgent warnings regarding ongoing flooding in various regions.

The seven-day weather forecast indicates a continuation of heavy rainfall, particularly in areas such as the Central Highlands, Western Kenya, and the Rift Valley during the initial half of this period. However, a slight decrease in rainfall intensity is expected in the latter half.

Simultaneously, temperatures are anticipated to soar to notably high levels, surpassing 30 degrees Celsius in many coastal, northeastern, and northwestern regions. Conversely, parts of the Highlands East of the Rift Valley may experience unusually low nighttime temperatures, plummeting below 10 degrees Celsius.

The combination of heavy rainfall and temperature extremes poses significant challenges for communities nationwide, with low-lying areas, flood plains, and urban centers with inadequate drainage systems particularly vulnerable to flooding.

Authorities are urging residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to mitigate the effects of flooding, including avoiding flood-prone areas, ensuring proper drainage systems, and adhering to weather advisories. By prioritizing preparedness and resilience-building measures, communities can better cope with the challenges posed by erratic weather patterns and minimize the impact on lives and livelihoods.

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today;

My life is in danger, says Bumula MP Jack Wamboka as Mithika Linturi ouster trial begins

Bumula MP Jack Wanami Wamboka, the sponsor of the impeachment motion against Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi before the 11-member select committee on May 7, 2024.

A showdown looms in Parliament today as the impeachment trial of embattled Agriculture Cabinet Sectary Mithika Linturi begins.

And already, Bumula MP Jack Wamboka, the sponsor of the motion being considered by a 10-member committee of the National Assembly, has alleged his life is in danger.

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Doctors say they will comply with court orders

Doctors have now said they will comply with court orders to agree with the state on a return-to-work formula within 48 hours.

Their union had previously said it would not honour court orders that suspended the strike on March 13, accusing the government of also disobeying orders.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentists Union chairman Abi Mwachi said they will comply with the latest orders.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Withdrawn After the Manufacturer Admitted that It Can Cause A Dangerous Side Effect

Although nowadays people are not urged to take up any COVID-19 vaccines because the coronavirus is under control, it seems as if some people who were recently injected with the COVID-19 vaccine known as AstraZeneca might have a reason to worry.

According to sources, the manufacturer of the AstraZeneca vaccine has made a move to withdraw to vaccine worldwide citing safety concerns. This is after the manufacturer allegedly revealed that the vaccine can on rare occasions, cause a dangerous side effect known as TTS.

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