Schools to Finally Reopen Despite Heavy Floods After Ruto Held Cabinet Meeting; Ruto’s Move That Sealed Linturi’s Fate And How Late Night Meetings Failed To Save The Embattled CS & The Rise and Rise of Maj-Gen Fatuma Ahmed, Kenya’s First Woman Service Commander

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The heavy rains that have wreaked havoc across the country enter a new month and they are yet to stop, Kenya weather forecasters have warned.

The Met Department warned Kenyans to take caution as the predicted rains could bring more flooding to already soaked parts of the country, especially this weekend.

So far, at least 196,296 people have been impacted by the heavy rains with 188 people having lost their lives and displacement of approximately 165,500 people.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Thursday said that in over 28 counties heavy rainfall and thunderstorms have been experienced.

But for the Kenyan coast, the situation could be worse.

The Coast region is likely to be hit by Cyclone Hidaya, which will result in heavy rainfall, large waves and strong winds that could affect activities in the Indian Ocean, a report to the Cabinet has warned.

The Cabinet was also told that average to above-average rains will continue being experienced in across the country for the next three months.

A section of Kenyans have asked the government to still reconsider pushing the reopening of schools from Monday since the flooding situation has not improved if not worse.

Meanwhile here are stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Schools to Finally Reopen on This Date Despite Heavy Floods After Ruto Held Cabinet Meeting

The government decided in a meeting led by President William Ruto to reopen schools on May 6, after postponing the reopening by a week.

According to details, the Ministry of Education will collaborate with the NG-CDF to provide funds for repairing infrastructure that has been damaged by floods.

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Ruto’s Move That Sealed Linturi’s Fate And How Late Night Meetings Failed To Save The Embattled CS

Members of Parliament on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to form a select committee to investigate the conduct of embattled Agriculture and Livestock Development Cabinet Mithika Linturi after fake fertilizers were dustributed to farmers.

A total of 149 members voted in favour of the motion filed by Bumula constituency member of Parliament Hon Wamboka while 36 rejected it.

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The rise and rise of Maj-Gen Fatuma Ahmed, Kenya’s first woman service commander

Major-General Fatuma Gaiti Ahmed has made history by being named the first female service commander in Kenya.

President William Ruto on Thursday posted Maj-Gen Ahmed to the Kenya Air Force and appointed her commander, a major stride for the 58-year-old whose star has been rising since 2015.

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