Military Pursue Locals Who Stole from Dying KDF; Eyebrows Raised as Azimio Demands Inquest Into Ogolla Death & Mystery of KSh600 Million Pipeline Land Sold at KSh7 Million

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Nandi Senator Kiprotich Cherargei and President William Ruto’s close ally has reignited a controversial political debate with his draft Constitution Amendment draft bill, which seeks to extend the presidential term limit.

The vocal senator wants articles in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 that guide the election and term limits of the president, MPs, MCAs, and governors just a year after claims by Fafi MP Salah Yakub that Ruto’s UDA party was considering extending the presidential term limit from five to seven years.

According to Cherargei, Kenyans are still in a campaign mood during the first two years after an election, which leaves the president with a short time to deliver on his pledges.

However, critics argue that the proposal should not be tolerated as it risks undermining Kenya’s democratic gains with some describing Cherargei’s move as a plan to return the country to dictatorship.

Do you think Cherargei’s reasons for pushing for the extension of presidential term limits are valid?

Meanwhile, here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Military Pursue Locals Who Stole from Dying KDF

Senior military officers escort the body of fallen Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla when he was laid to rest at his home in Siaya on Sunday. Kepher Otieno

Members of the public who rushed to the helicopter crash scene where Chief of Defence Forces Gen Francis Ogolla and eight of his juniors died stole some items belonging to the victims.

A military probe team known as Board of Inquiry, spearheaded by Commander of Laikipia Airbase, Brig Mohamed Salah Farah has been established to investigate the April 18 military chopper crash.

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Eyebrows Raised as Azimio Demands Inquest Into Ogolla Death

Raila leads Azimio in issuing Explosive Statement launching inquest into  the death of CDF Ogolla!!

The Opposition on Tuesday upped the ante on its calls for a thorough investigation into the death of Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla with fresh demands for a judicial inquiry.

At a Parliamentary Group meeting held in Nairobi, the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition demanded that a public judicial inquiry, and not just a military probe, be instituted with regard to last Thursday’s helicopter crash where General Ogolla died alongside nine others…

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Mystery of KSh600 Million Pipeline Land Sold at KSh7 Million

Members of the National Assembly Public Investment Committee on Commercial Affairs members with a KMA official at KMA Towers recently.

MPs are probing circumstances under which a 42-acre Kenya Pipeline Company land in Naivasha was sold to a private company, for a song.

In 2007, the agency’s top bosses sold the land, currently valued at Sh625 million, at only Sh7.9 million.

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