Puzzle of Bodies on Naivasha-Maai Mahiu Road; New Regulations Set To Reduce Road Accidents & Babu Owino Tells Ruto to Sell His ‘KSh10M’ Watch to Pay Doctors

Good morning,
When we were young, we all wanted to become doctors after completing our education journey.

At the time, our interest in this career path was not really because we were aware of the nobility of the medical profession or the importance of saving lives.

We wanted to pursue medicine because we believed it was the highest-paying career, but that was before we learned about politicians and high-level civil servants.

It still comes as a surprise, therefore, every time doctors down their tools protesting low salaries.

With no hope in sight as the current medics’ strike persists, Kenyans are stuck between a rock and a hard place with neither the government nor the medics’ side willing to compromise.

As we look forward to a quick resolution to the situation, it is sad that all poor Kenyans can do is pray that they don’t find themselves in need of medical care.

Stay healthy out there.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Puzzle of Bodies on Naivasha-Maai Mahiu Road

Man killed, body dumped along Naivasha-Mai Mahiu highway - The Standard

Nestled among rolling hills, the busy Naivasha-Maai Mahiu road winds through the countryside, offering breathtaking views at every turn.

But beneath the tranquil facade of these beautiful scenes lies a darker truth – murders.

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New Regulations Set To Reduce Road Accidents

Among the regulations implemented are medical checks among drivers on the roads which extend from alcohol to other stimulants.

Njao noted that many accidents are caused by drivers who are suffering from fatigue, failing to plan a journey, lack of courtesy and speeding.

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Babu Owino Tells Ruto to Sell His ‘KSh10M’ Watch to Pay Doctors

How Babu Owino Can Easily Become Nairobi Governor In 2027 - The Weekly  Vision

While attending the burial of his CDF chair lady at Rusinga in Suba North Constituency, Embakasi East Mp, Hon. Babu Owino alleged that President William Ruto wears a wristwatch that is worth Ksh. 10 million.

Babu told Ruto to sell the said watch and pay striking doctors.

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