KK Shareholders? How Ruto Allies Shared New KRA Jobs: Armed Men Raids Omtatah’s Home, Demands His Whereabouts & How Powerful Politicians Tried to Stop Fake Fertilizers Story

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It is on a chilly Thursday mornign and Raila Odinga’s bid to the AU chairmanship position seems to have received a huge boost after another West African president reportedly handed in his support.

Ruto confirmed that Ghana President had accepted to support Raila’s candidature for the position, and in return, have Kenya support Ghana’s candidate for Commonwealth Secretary General’s position.

The support was initiated following a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process across government.

Raila has already secured the support of all East African presidents and is looking forward to more support from West African heads of states.

On his part, Raila has gone slow on attacking Ruto’s government as he shifts his focus on the post which could rule him out of the 2027 general elections in Kenya.

Do you think Raila will succeed in his bid? Should he come back to Kenya and vie again in 2027 incase he wins the AU post?

Here is the news making headlines on Opera News App on Thursday:

KK Shareholders? How Ruto Allies Shared New KRA Jobs

What you need to know: Three constituencies headed by President William Ruto’s key allies got the lion’s share of the 1,406 revenue service assistant (RSA) positions the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) had filled last year, but that were later annulled by the High Court.

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Group of Armed – Hooded Men Raids Omtatah’s Home, Demands to Know His Whereabouts

A group of hooded, heavily hooded men raided the home of the Busia Senator Okiyah Omtatah in the middle of the night at exactly 2.am demanding to know his whereabouts and where the Busia Senator was.

According to Omtatah’s wife, the men who were wearing baraclavas made it clear that, they wanted to see Omtatah and beat everybody including his wife and relatives for failing to produce him.

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Details Emerge on How Powerful Politicians Reached Out to Journalist to Stop Fake Fertilizers Story

Speaking before the agricultural committee of the senate, Namu vowed to provide evidence implicating the fake fertilizers to some top politicians who approached him to stop the story from being published.

Namu was surprised at how the politicians from inside and outside the parliament were not concerned with Kenyans who were going to suffer from the activities of the unscrupulous businessmen.

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