Bus Carrying Students Involved in a Tragic Road Accident; Senators: Enforce Law to Curb Accidents & Kenyans’ Life Expectancy Drops for First Time in 20 Years

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Much has been said about the life and times of Brian Chira, even as the dust finally settles on his grave.

Of all the lessons that his troubled life and tragic demise have taught us, the most prominent one is undoubtedly about the vanity of our human fears and experiences.

Chira was a person living with HIV. Most of us wrongly believe that a HIV diagnosis signals the beginning of one’s end, but Chira’s death has taught us that there really are 1000 ways to die.

One might spend all their time in the gym working out to maintain their physical health, only to encounter a fatal road accident, or die of food poisoning, rather than lifestyle diseases.

Despite what we do to keep ourselves on the side of the living, only God knows where our demise lies, and at the end of it all, everything else we do is vanity.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Bus Carrying Students Involved in a Tragic Road Accident

A bus carrying students from Chavakali school has been involved in a tragic road accident in Kisumu. The bus was carrying students from Chavakali to Nairobi when the accident occurred.

The tragic road accident occurred after the bus driver lost control of the vehicle near Mamboleo roundabout. Local residents rushed to the scene of the accident. They managed to recover several passengers trapped in the bus.

Police officers arrived at the scene of the accident within a short time. They managed to take the injured students to the nearby hospital. They are currently receiving treatment in hospital for the injuries.

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Senators: Enforce Law to Curb Accidents

Senators want the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to change tack and devise new strategies to curb the rising cases of road accidents.

The lawmakers have moved to open inquiry into the causes of accidents that have left hundreds of people, including students, lose their lives in recent months.

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Kenyans’ Life Expectancy Drops for First Time in 20 Years

Life expectancy in Kenya has fallen by one year for the first time in two decades.

The decline was revealed in the world’s most comprehensive analysis of health indicators, known as the Global Burden of Disease study.

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