Mbatiany Calls for Speedy Investigation, Arrest of GSU Officer who Molested Minor

Bungoma Deputy Governor Janepher Mbatiany has called on the Kopsiro Sub County Security team to expedite investigations on an alleged defilement of a 17-year-old school girl by a renown GSU officer attached to Chepkurukur GSU Camp.

Mbatiany condemned the incident, attributing the surging numbers of teenage pregnancies in the county to defilement cases among oth

er factors.

She further re-affirmed the governments commitment to curbing teen pregnancy but ensuring the predators preying on under-age school going girls are nabbed and face the full force of the law.

”The recent reports by known publications indicate an increase of teenage pregnancy in Bungoma, putting our county on red alert. We will fight tooth and nail to keep our girls safe to secure their academic dreams dreams as well as their future,” affirmed Mbatiany.

She thanked the residents for their vigilance and ensuring the culprit is apprehended as opposed to taking the law on their hands which shows their level of maturity.

According to Kopsiro Sub County OCPD Justus Njeru, the accused was allegedly caught in a compromising situation with the victim in a house few metres from the camp upon receiving information from the public.

The victim, a student at Chepkurkur Secondary, had been sent home from school for tuition fee when the unfortunate incident happened.

The accused in his 30s was frogmarched together with the minor by the members of the public to Kipsigon Police station where the suspect was put into custody pending investigation and the minor taken to Kopsiro Hospital for medical check up.

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