Moses Kuria: It’s time for Govt to harvest, planting season is over

The government is reviewing the performance and delivery of the Kenya Kwanza Administration since its inception.

The exercise is being conducted by a high-level steering committee drawn from the national government with cross cutting roles.

Dubbed “Government Performance and Delivery Roadshows” the exercise began on January 9, 2024 and has so far been concluded in 7 ministries including the State Law Office.

On January 17, the exercise entered its day 5, where a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife hosted by the Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Alfred Mutua and chaired by Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria was held at the historic Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

In his address, Mr Kuria who is also chairing the steering committee emphasised that the Roadshow had been designed as a mirror for the ministries to reflect on their performance.

The Cabinet Secretary said that the time for planting was over and that it was time to harvest.

“The Kenya Kwanza Administration planted in 2023 and 2024 is the year of delivery,” he said.

Speaking in the same meeting, Secretary to the Cabinet, Ms. Mercy Wanjau noted that the objective of the roadshows was not to judge but to establish achievements, challenges and the solutions needed to help the government deliver.

“As we implement cabinet decisions that are aligned with the Kenya Kwanza manifesto and the PLAN, we are meeting different ministries as we seek to get factual data,” said Ms. Wanjau.

The roadshows will evaluate the performance and delivery of government programmes and projects in alignment with the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) in 23 ministries including the State Law Office.

The roadshows are expected to be completed by the end of next week.

A comprehensive report will be prepared after the roadshow that will form the basis of the high-level cabinet retreat scheduled for the first week of February.

The steering committee with cross cutting roles is drawn from the Offices of Deputy President, Prime Cabinet Secretary, Chief of Staff & Head of Public Service, Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries, State Law Office, Secretary to the Cabinet, Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, Presidential Economic Transformation Secretariat, Government Spokesperson, State Corporations Advisory Committee, Inspectorate of State Corporations, Director General E-Citizen, Director General Kenya School of Government and Government Delivery Service.

Present at the meeting on January 17 was the Secretary to the Cabinet, Ms. Mercy Wanjau; Principal Secretaries, Ms. Veronica Nduva, Ms. Aurelia Rono, Mr. James Muhati, Ms. Museiya Kihoro, Hon. John Lekakeny; and Government Spokesman Dr. Isaac Mwaura.

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