Firebrand Ford-Kenya Senator gives Ruto, top governor challenge

Firebrand and youthful Bungoma Senator David Wakoli has challenged President William Ruto to ensure resources are equally allocated across the country.

Speaking at the weekend during a burial ceremony in Bungoma County, Wakoli asked the President not to allow the national cake to be distributed unequally.

Wakoli said that the same way Central Kenya tea farmers and others were benefitting with incentives from the national government, it should be the same with sugar cane farmers in Western Kenya.

He noted that all farmers across the country were as important and none should be overlooked.

“We voted and agreed that Nzoia sugar farmers, employees should be paid and we install a new machine.

“We want to see, just like milk farmers from Central Kenya are being treated and given more money, we want the same to be done here for sugar farmers. I will not clap when my people are not benefitting yet I am in that government,” he said.

At the same time, he called on local leadership, led by Governor Ken Lusaka, to ensure resources allocated to the County Government are well utilised.

He was particular with bursary money where called on the local leadership to ensure needy and deserving children benefit from the resources and not cronies, relatives and other close people to leaders.

“This year, we will bring Ksh13.4 billion and I don’t want to hear that scholarship is given out on the basis of favouritism and children of the poor are missing out. If you hear, just notify my office and I will deal with those people one-on-one,” he warned.

However, he recognised the efforts of Governor Lusaka mentioning about the bursary programme and urged prudent use of the same.

He called on Members of the County Assembly to be alert and work for the people who elected them and deliver on their respective election promises.

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