Ruto Hell-Bent on Disobeying Court Orders; Factories Warn of Layoffs, Closures on Climbing costs & Miguna Warns Ruto Against Threatening Judiciary

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In the first days of 2024, Kenya finds itself at a crossroad as President William Ruto’s administration embarks on a charm offensive campaign, openly expressing a willingness to disregard court orders.

The alarming announcement came during the burial of Senator Methu’s father in Nyandarua, where Ruto vowed to defy court rulings and injunctions, dismissing them as attempts by “corrupt” judges to hinder his government agenda.

As the political drama unfolds, another crisis looms on the horizon. With schools set to reopen in about a week, a delay in the disbursement of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) puts the education of countless students from impoverished backgrounds at risk.

Many students and parents, reliant on bursaries to pay fees, now face the prospect of being turned away when schools resume on Monday next week.

The government’s failure to timely release the NG-CDF funds exacerbates the already challenging situation for economically disadvantaged families.

In the face of these challenges, Kenyans must remain vigilant in safeguarding the principles of democracy, the rule of law, and the right to education.

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Stop Threatening The Judiciary – Miguna Warns Ruto

Ruto: I’ll disobey court orders on my key projects

President William Ruto testerday vowed to disregard stay orders issued by some judges and implement projects including Affordable Housing and the Social Health Insurance Act.

In a move likely to put him on a collision course with the Judiciary, the Head of State publicly accused some judges of being part of corruption cartels colluding to frustrate government programmes. He vowed to crush such cartels.

Speaking at a funeral in Nyandarua county, Ruto claimed that some unnamed judges were issuing stay orders to frustrate projects initiated by his government.

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Factories warn of layoffs, closures on climbing costs

Manufacturers have warned of a freeze in new employment, shut down of low-margin production lines and a switch to importation if last year’s elevated operating costs climb further in 2024.

Investors in the largely struggling sector said they endured a torrid operating environment in 2023, with overall business costs bumping by about a third compared with the year before.

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