Ex-MP Threatens to Expose Uhuru if He’s Not Retiring: Ann Waiguru Corners CoB Margaret Nyakang’o Over Development Funds & Reactions as Govt Fires Back at BBC After Calling Ruto Tax Collector

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It is on a lovely Thursday morning and Pope Francis’ decision to allow Roman Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples continues to elicit sharp reactions from Christians in Kenya and beyond the world.

Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) are among the few groups that have come out to weigh in on the controversial remarks.

KCCB Chairman Archbishop Martin Kivuva Musonde defended Pope’s statement saying he did not mean that the church supports LBGTQ.

He referenced the Vatican document broadening the range of church blessings to include ‘Simple blessings that are not given in a liturgical setting’.

He said the church instead bestows blessings upon people, but it doesn’t endorse or approve of any immoral behavior or actions they might engage in.

Do you agree with the Kenyan bishops and their explanations?

Here is the news making headlines on Opera News App today:

‘I Will Expose you if You Make a Comeback’ – Former MP Openly Threatens Uhuru, Tells him to Retire

Former Member of Parliament Ngujiri Wambugu has threatened to spill the beans on past secret political undertakings of the former president Uhuru Kenyatta should he try to make a political comeback.

The former lawmaker revealed this in an exclusive interview with the Standard on Wednesday, December 20, 2024, when he was asked to give his remarks on Uhuru’s alleged comeback to the political scene.

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NEWS: Council Of Governors Led By Ann Waiguru Corners CoB Margaret Nyakang’o Over Development Funds

A new twist has emerged concerning a report that was issued on some governors not spending even a single cent of development funds.

The Council of Governors (COG) has thus dismissed a report by the office of Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o indicating that some County Governments did not spend any money on development.

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What Kenyans Said After the Govt Fired Back at BBC News for Calling Ruto a Tax Collector

Kenyans rushed online to give their opinions after honorable Isaac Mwaura who is the official government Spokesman released a report condemning BBC News for calling President William Ruto a Tax Collector.

Some of the Kenyans said that the person who wrote that article does not have respect for the office of the President of Kenya. They added that the Head if State needs to be respected and he should also be honored.

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