Jamhuri Day: Lusaka’s Bungoma Achievements Dominate Celebrations

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka used the occasion of Jamhuri Day to highlight his achievements in office since taking over in August 2022.

The second-time Governor emphasised his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and improving the lives of Bungoma residents.

Agriculture :

Lusaka noted that the county’s economy largely depends on agriculture, particularly cane farming. He addressed the challenges faced by the sugar industry and highlighted the recent restart of sugar milling at Nzoia Sugar Company.

He also mentioned the ongoing livestock distribution program aimed at empowering women groups through cattle rearing and milk production.

Another initiative mentioned was “Operation Fuga Kuku,” which involves distributing chicken to women groups for income generation.

Lusaka emphasised the importance of providing subsidised fertiliser and seeds to vulnerable farmers to boost agricultural production.

Health :
The governor announced the government’s plan to upgrade high-volume dispensaries to level three hospitals, bringing healthcare services closer to residents in each ward.

He also mentioned the recruitment of 246 medical professionals to fill existing gaps and improve service delivery.

Housing :
Lusaka emphasised the benefits of centralising government services under one roof. He highlighted the ongoing construction of a 10-story County Administration Block aimed at improving efficiency and coordination.

Urban Planning :

Initiatives mentioned include the construction of a Sh200 million modern bus park at Kanduyi junction to ease congestion in Bungoma town.

The project also includes a trailer park at Sikata and a drainage system improvement project for Soko kubwa.

Education :
Lusaka announced the ongoing county scholarship and bursary program targeting bright and underprivileged students.

He encouraged ward and village administrators to ensure fair and transparent selection processes.

Gender :
The governor mentioned the ongoing efforts to complete the Masinde Muliro stadium, which will provide a valuable resource for young people.
He also discussed the Chemoge high altitude training centre project, with phase 1 construction starting in January 2024.

Roads :
Through the department of roads, Lusaka announced the initiation of a project to construct 10 bridges in various wards.

They also advertised for 80 contracts for 122 road projects across all 45 wards, with construction expected to begin in January 2024.

Overall, Governor Lusaka presented a comprehensive overview of his administration’s progress and future plans, demonstrating a commitment to development and improving the lives of Bungoma residents.

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