CS Kuria Apologizes to Kenyans; Split in Azimio as Kalonzo Disagrees With Karua & Top Ruto aide linked to exit of Chiloba from CA

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President William Ruto’s administration in Kenya has recently inked a series of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with several nations, resulting in the removal of visa requirements for their citizens.

However, amid these positive developments, concerns have arisen regarding the reciprocity of these agreements and their potential consequences.

Kenya’s efforts to foster closer international ties have led to the removal of visa restrictions for citizens from various countries.

While this move has been widely lauded, there is a growing disparity between the ease of entry for foreign nationals into Kenya and the burdensome visa application process still faced by Kenyan travelers to these same nations.

Some countries have reciprocated by signing agreements that allow Kenyan passport holders to enter without visas. Nevertheless, the lack of reciprocity in some cases has prompted experts in international relations to urge caution.

Prof. Macharia Munene, an expert in international relations, commented on the situation, saying, “The move is only good if it’s reciprocal, allowing free movement of persons on both sides.

But if the MoUs are designed in a way similar to the previous deal with South Africa, where South Africans were allowed to freely enter Kenya, while it was very difficult for Kenyans to enter South Africa, then we need to re-look into them.”

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Split in Azimio as Kalonzo Disagrees With Karua

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